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Ditting KR804 Commercial Coffee Grinder (Standard and Modified)

Ditting KR804 Commercial Coffee Grinder (Standard and Modified)

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All of our grinders give you the same uniformity and consistency over the entire range of settings. The main difference is in the speed of the grinding.

If you need a coffee grinder and volume and speed are not an issue, our 804 series grinders would get you started with a quality grinder to satisfy any application. The main deciding factory is what you will be grinding into - for coffee bags and filters, the KR804 with the vibrator plate is your best choice for low volume grinding. For grinding into filters or cans, the modified KR804 is your best choice.

Whether they are in service in small coffee stores or in a large laboratory for cupping, the series 804 models are valued for their impressive
functionality and reliability.

Since these machines are extremely easy to clean, they are increasingly used where coffee beans of different flavors have to be ground as this requires more frequent and thorough
  • Specially developed motors allowing large grinding capacity at all degrees of fineness.
  • Preservation of coffee’s unique aromatic oils thanks to uniform, gentle and cool grinding made possible by specially sharpened discs developed by Ditting.
  • Continuously variable adjustment of grinding fineness.
  • Minimal coffee particles left in discharge tube thanks to manual tapper.
  • Efficient bag shaking device (KR model) distributes grounds evenly into bag and ensures all particles are dispensed.
  • Precision grinding discs made of high-quality material that is extremely wear-resistant.
  • Easy to maintain and clean

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